Leslie Antiques: English Georgian Glass, Porcelain, Miniature Painting Leslie Antiques Ltd.
About Us
We have been in business as Leslie Antiques Ltd. for over 35 years, and count among our customers many of the top dealers and collectors. We have, on many occasions, lectured on English glass, both in person and on television, been on vetting committees for various antiques shows, and contributed to a major museum presentation on miniature portraits. We are often asked to advise on the appropriateness of acquisitions for landmark and historic homes.

The most important thing about us, however, is that we sell things we are knowledgeable about and love for the beauty of the craftsmanship and the history behind them. We don't treat items as just units of merchandise, and we don't sell things that have a long list of condition apologies attached to them.

Please take some time to look at our website to see some of the things we enjoy, and sell, and are interested in buying.


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